Does the back of Lincoln’s head bear the profile of Robert E. Lee?

No, this isn’t a true fact. If you look closely at the back of Lincoln’s head, you will only find a tuft of hair. However, people often construe things as per their own imagination. Different people have different perspectives and they tend to jump to their own conclusions.


Does the statue of Abraham Lincoln make the ASL signs as his initials?

This is another of those topics that people have just assumed. The sculptor really wanted to show the real strength and raw confidence that Lincoln truly had. The left hand of the sculpture is therefore clenched and the right hand is on the armrest. The entire structure exudes the aura of the charm and personality that Lincoln truly exuded. However, people have been using their own imagination and wondering if Lincoln is trying to use the signs.

How many steps are there in the memorial?

If you move from the chamber to the plaza level, you will encounter a sum total of 58 steps. However, if you go from the chamber to the reflecting pool, you will find a total of 87 steps.


Is there any elevator inside the chamber?

Yes, in the south east side of the building, if you move to the lower lobby, you will find an elevator which will take you to the chamber.

Is there any bookstore inside the memorial?

At the chamber level, near the northeast corner, you will find a bookstore.

Can I access the basement?

The basement is not open for public viewing.

Where can I find the nearest bathroom in the memorial?

When you move to the lower lobby which is in the southeast part of the building, you will find a restroom that can be used.

What variety of stones has been used to make the Lincoln memorial?

If you look at the exteriors, white Colorado marbles have been used. The interior walls and even the columns make use of Indiana limestone. The sculpture of Abraham Lincoln has been made using the highest quality of Georgia white marble. The floor inside the chamber was constructed using Tennessee pink marble and the breathtaking skylights that are a part of this memorial were made by making use of the perfect quality of Alabama marble.


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