Fun Facts


Here are some interesting facts related to the Lincoln Memorial that you would like to explore:

  • The wall of the memorial speaks. You can find 2nd inaugural speech of Lincoln on the North wall of the monument whereas South Wall has inscribed Gettysburg address.
  • You will find much similarity between the Lincoln Memorial style and a Greek Temple.
  • There are 36 huge columns and each column signifies a state at the time of Lincoln’s death. However, the funny side is that the states were increased to 48 by the time the monument was completed. So, you will find the remaining 12 states, outside memorial wall.
  • There are 58 steps on the memorial and 87 steps from the memorial to the reflecting pool
  • In order to craft Lincoln’s monument statue, Plaster Casts were used.
  • The statue, in itself, took nearly 4 years to be built
  • The statue of Lincoln was initially supposed to be 3 meters tall. However, it was revised to 5.8 meters by the time of construction
  • If the statue were to stand, it would be at a towering 8.5 meters in height
  • You might have heard about “I have a Dream” speech of Martin Luther King. It was mode on the Lincoln Memorial steps in 1963.
  • Look carefully at the inaugural address on right hand side of the wall. The word “FUTURE” was mistakenly carved as “EUTURE” and it is still noticeable although it was attempted to be fixed by filling it in.
  • From 1959 to 2008, an impression of the Memorial was at the back of the US penny. It’s image has also been at the back the US $5 note since 1929.
  • This Memorial was among the first in the National Register of Historic Places in the mid 1960s.

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