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The Lincoln Memorial is a famous American monument, built in the honor of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States of America famous for leading the country through the American Civil War and abolishing slavery. It is located in the Potomac Park in Washington, D.C. The construction of it began in 1914 and it was dedicated in 1922. The message of unity and peace upheld in the artwork created for the memorial rang even truer for a nation that had just fought and won in World War I, but at the time the American society was still sadly segregated by race, which included the attendees of the memorial ceremony. The Memorial is built in the form… READ MORE The first think on your list should be to make an arrangement for a place to stay. Depending on the time of year things can get booked and expensive very quickly.  The more in advance you plan the more likely you will get a decent deal. The best place to start … READ MORE Next on your list should be a place to eat. When people are site seeing or vacationing they just seem to get hungry and must eat three (to five) meals a day, even if during regular non-vacation time they have the uncanny ability to skip meals. So here is the plan, if you are just interested in snack then you will find several street vendors. But remember that its just a snack and it will probably keep you satiated for 15-20 minutes. You will now be ready for a DC style meal, to peak the right place you must…READ MORE Tours

Although there are no tours specific to the Lincoln Memorial, there are tours available for the National Mall. There are several tours to choose from including, Trolley Tours, Big Bus tours, DC by Foot, and DC Ducks. The Trolley tours is a hop-on hop-off tour that has been around since 1986. The trolleys have convenient stops and live narration. You purchase a ticket that is valid for the full day with unlimited… READ MORE Maps Make sure to visit the Maps Page, where you can very easily download and print the two main maps you will need for the area. The Lincoln Memorial Map, and the National Mall Map. Events

In the whole National Mall there are rangers on duty, who are responsible for law and order. Additionally, they are great tour leaders around the park, and the Park does not charge for their services. The rangers have a role of a tourist guide, and they will talk for a while about some memorial or a historical event, in a general way. Even if you are very familiar with the historical events and memorials in the National Mall, there is a great chance that you will hear some details you didn’t know beforehand, so it is worth to tag along with a ranger… READ MORE History & Culture
About 2 years after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, in around 1867, the US Congress initiated the Lincoln Monument Association with the goal of building a memorial in honor of Lincoln. However, it was not till 1901 that the location of the memorial was selected. It took another 10 years for funding to be released to build this enormous structure, $2 million to be precise. The then US President… READ MORE MISC Don't forget to check out our FAQ page, did you ever wonder how many steps are in the memorial? or more importantly where is the nearest bathroom? Also just in case you were wondering what movies filmed at the Lincoln memorial, we got that covered too on the fun facts page. If you have any questions you send us a question or comment. Please check often for our updates.

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