Fees & Reservations


Lincoln Memorial is open to visits 24 hours a day. Approximately, 25 million people every year visit National Mall, so any given day there are a lot of visitors inside or in front of the Memorials in the National Mall.


Therefore, there are certain rules and permits which allow the visitor to enjoy in his activities, not interfering with others.

The permit management issues about 3000 permits a year.

For public gathering, and conducting a demonstration or a special event, the Park permit management issues a permit which requires a fee of 120$. There are certain rules regarding the conducting of demonstrations and special events. For example, selling food and drinks to the tourist group is strictly prohibited, unless it is an integral part of the demonstration. Also, crafts and arts can be displayed, but may not be sold.

Alcoholic drinks and beverages are generally prohibited.

The form of merchandising which is allowed is selling books, newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets, buttons and bumper stickers, which contain a message related to the event. These objects cannot be sold if they are not related to the event.


Selling every other object, such as posters, T-shirts, patches, hats, jewellery, license plates, compact disks, coffee and drink mugs, records and tapes, flags, photographs, and decals are generally prohibited, and this list isn’t final, it doesn’t list all the prohibited items.

The organization of public gatherings draws some more rules, regarding the number of people who attend those demonstrations and special events. The organization must provide proper medical coverage. If the event is visited by less than 2000 people, organization may rely on 911. Above that number, the event requires a fixed first aid site within the area of event.

If some media wants to cover these events, they don’t need a special permission for that, unless they don’t need additional equipment set-up. The only thing the media must do is that they must make an arrangement for the media exposure of event at least 7 days prior to the event commencement.

Other activities which require permits and fees are commonly the right to make short or a long film, and you need to fill out a special form, as well as paying the 90$ fee.

These initial processing fees are required because National Mall permits management have costs in their administrative work of making, distributing and reviewing the permits given. Payment can be done via checks, cash, or credit card.


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