Abraham Lincoln was born in a poor family and struggled a lot in life. His parents Tom and Nancy had a hard time offering him the basic needs, but they nurtured him and imparted the best lessons that helped him ace the journey of life. However, sheer dedication towards education proved really invaluable for him. He was a lawyer (self-educated) and later moved to politics as a party leader and state legislature. Read More »


Two important people are connected with the Lincoln Memorial. These include Henry Bacon and Daniel Chester French.


Henry Bacon was an architect from New York, mainly known for designing the epic Lincoln Memorial. He spent a lot of years of his life studying architecture in Europe but it was essentially the Greek architecture that fascinated him the most. Infact, this style is reflected on the design of the Lincoln Memorial as well. Parthenon, the Athenian temple was his real inspiration as he was mesmerized by this aspiring architecture. Read More »

Daniel Chester French is perhaps hailed to be one of the greatest Massachusetts sculptors who designed one of the most impressive statues ever. He is one of those sculptors who was known to depict a level of perfection that made people marvel in awe. When he was working on the sculptor of Abraham Lincoln, he took care of every minute detail and then carved the details and brought it to life. Read More »


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