Daniel Chester French


He is perhaps hailed to be one of the greatest Massachusetts sculptors who designed one of the most impressive statues ever. He is one of those sculptors who was known to depict a level of perfection that made people marvel in awe. When he was working on the sculptor of Abraham Lincoln, he took care of every minute detail and then carved the details and brought it to life.


The statue of Abraham Lincoln that sits in the memorial is mesmerizing and exudes the finest detail. The stance and the posture of Lincoln was done after Chester studied the intricate details of Abraham Lincoln’s personality.
Daniel Chester French remains one of the topmost sculptors in history because of the kind of perfection his statues exuded. He had an eye for details and he didn’t believe in putting in a half effort. Those who gaze at the sculpture of Abraham Lincoln in the memorial are sure to enjoy the kind of aura it exudes. One can find the kind of precision and detail and it is sure to make you bow to the legacy of this phenomenal sculptor.


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