The 16th president of America, Abraham Lincoln remains a legend even today. There are memorials that have been made to commemorate the greatness that he always exuded and the accomplishments he managed to achieve.


The Lincoln Memorial

This monumental memorial took a lot of effort and time to be built. Some of the most renowned and notable personalities form different walks of life worked on this memorial as architects like Henry bacon, sculptors like Daniel Chester French and even artists of the caliber of Jules Guerin have worked on this piece of memorial. The memorial was meant to celebrate the true legacy that Lincoln really had.
The materials that were procured to make this memorial were brought from different parts of the world because there was a need to offer one of the best tributes ever to the president that shaped the way a country looked and operated.

Extra care was taken to ensure that the monument didn’t just look monumental but it could evoke the same grace and aura that a memorial built for one of the most transformational president in American history should. Lincoln became one of the prime figures in the history of the world and the memorial was just a means of re-instating the belief of how a simple man could hold an office of power and show the world the right way to lead.


The National Park Services

Not just the Lincoln memorial, there are various national parks that are associated with the legendary president too. His noble deeds ensured that his good work remained in the hearts of one and all. Some of the top parks that are known to offer a befitting tribute to Abraham Lincoln are as follows.
• Fort Stevens located in Rock Creek Park in Washington DC
• Civil war defenses located in Washington DC
• The Lincoln memorial, national mall and memorial parks.
• Independence national historic park in PA

Not just parks, one can also find national park service sites and the main aim of these sites is to commemorate all those who took an active part in the American civil war and thereby deserve our love, appreciation and honor.

The American civil war sesquicentennial commemoration connects all those Americans who glorified America in the 21st century by contributing their bit towards history. You can visit these parks and connect with the kind of sacrifices they have offered and the good deeds they did for their motherland.

Not just Abraham Lincoln, America has produced a great many inspirational leaders and the memorial stand as a remembrance of the deeds they did, the aim they had and the dream they lived. The Lincoln memorial located in the District of Columbia remains one of the renowned places which is often visited by people to get a glimpse of what a legend Lincoln truly was. The grandiose architecture coupled with the aura and charm of the entire monument makes it one of the top tributes, one could offer to Abraham Lincoln.


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