When we are talking about some of the top stories related to Abraham Lincoln, there is never going to be dearth of tales to tell. Some of them deserve an honorable mention because they ended up being legendary in ways more than one.


The March On Washington

Back in august 1963, a huge civil rights march was organized in Washington. The march started from the Washington monuments grounds and it went up to the steps of Lincoln memorial. It is important to add that a crowd of over 200,000 people participated in this march. The main aim of this huge march was to seek equality and freedom in every sense of the word. After this march, when the crowd collected on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, Martin Luther King went on to give his historic speech.

I Have A Dream

Almost every single American is aware of the “I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King. The speech is full of verity and it shook millions of people all over the globe. The speech was delivered at the Lincoln memorial and most school children are likely to associate the memorial with this speech that changed the fate of a nation.

Such is the profound influence of this speech that the very spot where Martin Luther King stood while he gave this life altering speech was engraved back in 2003, which marked the 40th anniversary of the historical event. No doubt, there couldn’t be a better place for such a moving speech to be delivered.

The Easter Sunday Concert

Back in 1939, Marian Anderson, one of the greatest contralto was denied the chance to perform at constitution hall and the reason which was cited was because of her race. This was a huge blow to all those false promises of equality and so she decided to sing at the Lincoln memorial.


In front of a crowd of over 75,000 people, she sang and people enjoyed the breathtakingly beautiful voice. This isn’t perhaps one of the greatest ever event one would associate with the Lincoln memorial but the kind of impact it created made it revolutionary in various ways.

The Dedication Ceremony

Back in 1922, an event was held to perform the dedication ceremony for the great Lincoln memorial. The event saw a turnout of nearly 50,000 people and the event was led by the then chief justice of the Supreme Court, honorable William Howard. Not only this, even the then president Warren G. Harding attended the big event.

The Myths Related To The Lincoln Memorial

There are various myths that surround this memorial and one of the biggest among them is the fact that there is another face which is carved behind Lincoln’s head in the statue. However, there is no evidence to the same as it was later concluded that it was merely different perspectives with which people marveled the statue.

Further, people believe that in the second inaugural address of Abraham Lincoln, the carver mistakenly carved “E” as opposed to “F” in a part of the address. The error was rectified later by filling the stroke that is extra in “E” when compared to “F”.

There are also rumors that the number of steps in the chamber which is 57 has been made to match the age when he was assassinated. However, this isn’t true and is merely a rumor because when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, he was 56 years old rather than 57. There is absolutely no significance of the step count in the memorial.


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