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Next on your list should be a place to eat. When people are site seeing or vacationing they just seem to get hungry and must eat three (to five) meals a day, even if during regular non-vacation time they have the uncanny ability to skip meals. So here is the plan, if you are just interested in snack then you will find several street vendors. But remember that its just a snack and it will probably keep you satiated for 15-20 minutes. You will now be ready for a DC style meal, to peak the right place you must decide for the following top rated restaurants.


The Inn at Little Washington, may be the #1 rated overall. It will be on the expensive end and reservation in advance are required. However, between the decor and taste it will be an experience you will not forget. Be sure to try their famous desert speciality “Seven Deadly Sins.” For reservations call 540-675-3800.


Your Next consideration should be, Komi, located in the Downtown area. Shef/Owner Johnny Monis has conjured some of the most phenomenal dishes your taste buds have never had the pleasure to meet. Do try the vinegary sardine over fava-bean purée; mascarpone-filled date; brioche with monkfish liver;charred octopus with tomato and fig. The place is open Tuesday through Saturday for Dinner and will be on the expensive side. For reservation call 202-332-9200.

While touring the local attractions you will be able to also stop by the National Mall for lighter refreshments. You can refer to the locations using the National Mall Map. Here are a few options around:

  • National Gallery of Art - You will find the most variety here. Cascade Cafe and Pavilion Cafe offer snacks and meals, like sandwiches and pizzas. Cascade Cafe also has an Expresso and Gelato bar. You can pick up coffee and sandwiches at Cafe Dada. If you are looking for a full meal, the Cafe Provencal would be your best option.
  • National Air & Space Museum - There is a food court that has the likes of McDonalds, Donato’s Pizza and Boston Market. You could also head over to the Mezza Cafe for snacks.
  • National Museum of American History - The Constitution Cafe has an assortment of snacks including sandwiches and salads.
  • Natural History Museum - Atrium Cafe and Fossil Cafe offer fast food and snacks. An entertaining option is the IMAX and Jazz Cafe which offers live bands on Friday evenings.

Out of the National Mall, there are food courts available at Union Station, Old Post Office Pavilion and The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. If you are looking to sit down and enjoy a meal, there are fine dining restaurants at Capitol Hill.

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