Although there are no tours specific to the Lincoln Memorial, there are tours available for the National Mall. Here are a few:

Trolley Tours

This hop-on hop-off tour has been around since 1986. The trolleys have convenient stops and live narration. You purchase a ticket that is valid for the full day with unlimited re-boarding on any of their 3 loops. The Orange Loop covers the National Mall with a stop at the Lincoln Memorial. The Red loop stops at the Lincoln Memorial as well, and serves as a transfer stop between the two loops.

They also run a night tour which shows the monuments under the moonlight. It is a 2 ½ hour tour with sights of the illuminated monuments and memorials. It is rated as one of the best kept secrets of Washington DC. For more details, visit

Big Bus Tours

This is another hop-on hop-off tour where you can get on the upper deck of an open-top bus. The bus has live commentary as well as personal recorded commentary. You purchase a ticket that is valid for the full day with unlimited re-boarding on their loops. The Red and Blue loops stop at the Lincoln Memorial. They run a night tour as well very similar to the Trolley Tours. For more details, visit

DC by Foot

This is a tour service where there are no upfront costs. You can pay the licensed guide at the end of the tour depending on what you feel the tour was worth and based on your budget. The tour options include food, bike, bus and photography tours. For more details, visit

DC Ducks

This is the most unusual of the ones mentioned here as the vehicle you travel in is a ‘Duck’. The tour is amphibious, which means that the it is on land and in water. The tour has a ‘Captain’ on board who provides live commentary. For more details, visit

All of these tours can be booked online, and a pickup can be arranged from your hotel.

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